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Monday 24th November 2014 21:52:00

Melting at the Square and Compass on a cold and misty evening Views: 1856

'Twas a dark and misty night, with the drizzle fair tumblin from on high, when last WB set foot upon the wilds of Dorset. To the lovely Square and Compass we were headed, to seranade the country folk from thereabouts with a hey and a ho and a nonny nonny.... well no, more of a steamy blues sort of set really Wink  Tis a lovely pub with a huge grate in a majestic fireplace which was so welcoming when we first arrived. I was so taken with the place I ordered a pint of scrumpy thinking it would connect me with the country way again. All set up, we started to play with Simon and Blackie sat with said fireplace behind them. To say it was a tad warm would be the understatement of the year! By the end of the first set I turned round to see both of them literally pouring themselves towards the door, practically steaming they were. During the break we bashed the fire about a bit (that's about as dodgy as WB get really Cool) and poured some water on it to quell its enthusiasm for the second set. Even then we could only manage one encore before Simon had to run for the door! Issues of spontaneous combustion aside, it was a great gig, the audiences there are always a treat and the venue, although very warm on this occasion, is totally adorable. As for the scrumpy, tasted great, but I learnt that remembering words becomes rather more of a challenge than usual after a pint of it. Useful information I'd say!

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Sunday 9th November 2014 21:50:00
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