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Wednesday 4th February 2015 19:15:00
Wednesday 4th February 2015 19:15:00

The River Runs Away leads to two great rehearsals and do not forget the jam! Views: 1254

Regular readers will know we meet on Tuesdays most weeks to rehearse and now that 2015 is well underway we have cranked it up to get back into the swing of it. Last week all 5 of us met to go over some of the songs which have sort of fallen out of the set, to learn a new song which has a kind of tango feel to it and to generally rehearse stuff so that Dave (new percussive sort) could begin to feel more at home with our material rather than having to turn up at gigs and wing it! 'Twere a great evening and really lovely to have two layers of percussion going on, just as great as I'd hoped it would be. Made singing without amplification a bit interesting but overall it was marv! Cool

Then we all gathered at the Jam at the Auckland Arms on Sunday for the usual shenanigans and were treated to the wonderful mix of extraordinary musicians as always. It's the best jam I've ever been to, being a real jam rather than an open mic and attracting not only wonderful musos but also terrific amounts of audience who recognise the quality of the free music they are hearing. Even when the songs sound like a car crash, and it does happen, the resulting cacophony is bearable! It's on the first Sunday of every month in the same venue each time from midday till about 1430 so if you fancy popping over you would always be welcome, instruments or not. If you're lucky you might get to witness one of Si's bass solos which had the pub erupting with cheers this time Laughing

So to last night's rehearsal. For some time now we've been playing around with a song of mine called 'The River Runs Away', I think I've mentioned it before because it is the song I have deliberately learned to play the penny whistle for. There were just the four of us last night and I wanted a rough version of the song to practice my whistling to so we set to it. Maybe it's because we've been playing together so long now and are very comfortable working alongside one another but with practically only one take each we had the track down, i had done harmonies, Andy had added beautiful guitar flourishes on top of the rhythm track and the resulting demo is so pleasing that we thought we would release it for you guys to hear in advance of the next album. It will be one of the tracks on 'A Day for Crows, which we will be crowd-funding for about half way through this year, so watch this space and prepare to be part of the album of the year! Well, you never know eh?!

So the River Runs Away, is here for your delight and delectation on Reverbnation would love to know what you think on the comments below xxxx 


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