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Saturday 7th March 2015 10:08:00

Guest pianist on the forthcoming Bluesman album worth Every Penny of the Deal Views: 1654

The best thing about having a studio in your back garden is the general access to tea and coffee without having to ask and of course, the muso types that frequent such places. So WB's own bluesman is in the process of recording his album 'Every Penny of the Deal' in said place, over the last few months and it is nearing completion now. One of the last things to be done is three tracks on which he wanted Hammond style organ. Since we do play together quite often I was glad to be asked to contribute. The three songs are Paper, Holding these feelings and the title track. So, well hydrated, on a lovely sunny Friday (not that there is any way of knowing that once in the studio!) we set to.

On the long walk from the back door to the studio Cool there were two magpies on the roof of one of the nearby houses. Ha, two for joy quoth I, so all tracks down in one take! So we start with 'Paper' and lo and behold, down in one take! Too good. Would this trend be continued? No is the short answer. Next we went for 'Holding these feelings' Andy usually plays a rocky version of it with Burnt Ice and, of the three, one we both know well, although in my case only by ear. Take after take and it just wouldn't take! So frustrating. Right, quick break for lunch (in my newly refurbished, rather swanky kitchen) and try again. No, still no good. Bah.

So we switch to the other song, 'Every Penny of the Deal' again, down in one take. This one done in rhythm first with solos over the top for the keyboard. Really good fun. Enjoyed it. I played 5 solos so Andy can choose which ones he likes best and shove the other ones under the radar then play his electric solo over the other phrases.

Phase two of this recording session has now occurred on the Tuesday of the following week and Holding these Feelings proved less troublesome this time and is now also in the bag! I had the luxury of, once the rhythm track was down, noodling about for the whole song and Andy will choose which he likes to keep for the solos. There were some very pleasing moments in there with organ solos of prime quality and some rather less salubrious ones best left unmentioned and indeed unheard!

So, it's all done bar lots of mixing and mastering which I believe Andy will be doing over the next few weeks. Watch his website for news of its pending arrival, I wonder if and where he'll do his CD launch?

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