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Friday 10th April 2015 14:04:00

Throat of daggers at a wonderful gig at The Vaults in Portsmouth Views: 2083

Weds morning I woke up, eh up! What's this?! My throat has clearly been covered in itching powder whilst I sleep. No no, don't give in, do NOT get a cold just before a gig, keep going, keep busy busy, fight it off, echinacea, vitamin C..........oh damn got a cold! Only this one has little phlegm (horrid word) just a throat full of daggers. I had no idea, as I drove to the venue for last nights gig, how it was going to go. Sometimes it is fine and once warmed up I can go with it but not last night. Oh no! 

The crowd that turned up last night were so lovely, lots of people I haven't seen for ages, years in some cases, wonderful sorts I so wanted to do a good job for. Apparently I didn't do a bad job but I was so hampered by my vocal chord pain that Andy had to do one for me in the second half to give me a break. Many thanks to Jonny Bell  for keeping me topped up with herbal tea in the second half! I was awash by the end of the gig Tongue out It was the first time we had had both Blackie and Dave playing together, I loved it! Wasn't quite in the right mood to appreciate it, what with violent tendencies in my throat, but especially the tambourine, oh joy! It was a lovely venue to play,The Wine Vaults the first time for me although the boys had played there with Burnt Ice. They do good food too, my friend and I turned up early and had dinner. The loveliest comment all night, from someone who often frequents that great pub? 'You've created a really lovely atmosphere in here!' Tooooo Good Cool

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Thursday 2nd April 2015 23:11:00
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