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Sunday 21st June 2015 20:59:00

Bout time there was a new blog after a lovely festival like that Views: 1375

Sorry for being so backward with the blogging, my time is being eaten up being in the last throws of writing up PhD! Can't wait to replace the time that takes with music, making so many plans!! 

Last outing for WB was at the lovely Wimborne Minster Folk Festival, lovely afternoon gig with a great audience. The gig was broadcast live on local radio at the same time, were we nervous? Well, yes, a bit really. The most lovely thing about the gig was the fact that we were given towells before going on stage, Oh I won't need that, quoth I, and who was the sweatiest and so glad of it about 20 mins in? Yeah, you guessed it, sweaty singer indeed I was! So much for being ladylike! Tongue out

We were on with a wonderful act called the Alex Roberts Duo, Alex Roberts was playing with a great drummer and fabulous bassist who played an orgasmic double bass. The sound was totally transporting, wonderful in fact. Go to Alex's website to hear more. This weekend was their own festival in Damerham which we were hoping to get to but no time possible to get there. Next year we will hopefully play for them, that way we are guaranteed to go! Such lovely people and the little people Alex and his lovely wife brought with them were also delightful!

Next outing is the Wickham festival, so looking forward to that indeed!

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