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Tuesday 18th August 2015 17:06:00

New meds changing the way your heart feels making the gig harder Views: 1348

I had no idea this could even happen. I recently found I had dangerously high blood pressure so, with uncharacteristically obedient behaviour from myself, started taking a medication that changes the way your heart works thus lowering your BP. About 5 days into this medication we had a gig at the Wickham Festival fringe at the Kings Head in Wickham. It was a day time gig, the weather was lovely, the pub most satisfactory in terms of atmos and the audience plentiful. All the ingredients, you may think, for a great gig. Well yes and no. What was most odd to me was that whilst singing the songs I just wasn’t feeling them. I didn’t even notice, in the past, that my heart did anything much in terms of helping me ‘feel’ the song, I thought it just kept me alive. Well, my theories about physical health having as much to do with psychological health were proven for me that day as I discovered that it also literally keeps me ‘alove’. Cool

Feedback from the event suggests that technically others didn’t notice a difference it was just me that noticed. Since then I have adjusted a bit to the meds, it now being about day 15 and my BP has become less critical so at rehearsals tonight I am going to welly it up emotionally and see if it feels more normal. Weird experience but good really, best not to even take your heart for granted I reckon!

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