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Saturday 12th September 2015 12:01:00

Beer festival, jam and Phoenix gig with travelling audience Views: 2008

A great couple of weekends in the WB world. Last weekend we played at the Pompey beer festival, hosted at the student union. A great jolly that was, the audience were far away but not so far that they couldn't be reached and a group of appreciative gents gathered nearby to soak up the WB atmos. Even the bar staff were clapping in between doling out lashings and lashings of cheap real ale. Great fun!

Sun was the Jam, the monthly event of the....well, month. Always a joy to take part in and quite an adventure in terms of musical gatherings. Jamming is one of the most satisfying things to do I think, as a musician. Nothing quite like the roller coaster of making it up as you go along. 

Speaking of roller coasters, last night we were to be found treading the bar at the Phoenix in Southsea. Andy chose the set as we hadn't worked one out in advance, this is not unusual behaviour but often I overrule if i don't feel like doing that song, or am just being contrary! This time I didn't overrule at all, I was absolutely incapable of making a decision last night and the set worked out well. There were a few songs that we hadn't played in a while though and they felt very scary to play, just like being on a ricketty old fairground ride! We've played there several times and the audience tends to be a bit transient, in and out, listening to a few then going on to the next pub or wherever their plans take them. This time, the audience were much more stationary and interactive and jiggy. There were dancers intermittently from song 2, possibly the earliest anyone has ever got up and danced at one of our gigs Cool. We had some great guest piano playing at the hands of Chris Morley and two colleagues also turned up to support, one on purpose and one by accident but both incredibly welcome!  There was a wonderful couple from Kent who had come just to see us, I have no memory for names so when they see this, please forgive me that I can't remember! It was absolutely wonderful to see them, support like that is invaluable when you're out as a muso plying your trade, singing and playing songs that are often very personal. It really means so much. Thank you guys, much much love xxx

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