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Monday 21st March 2016 16:06:00
Wednesday 2nd March 2016 07:48:00

March already, news from the year so far. Views: 1178

How did that happen? It's March already and I haven't blogged since Xmas 2015. Very remiss. Apologies. I am now up to 70,000+ words though so that's my main excuse Cool only a few more months and I can start harassing you all with regular blogs again. I, for one, can't wait!

So rehearsals last night were a bit fun, helped along by a rather constant stream of gin. So there's often a bit of insobriety (is that a word?) at rehearsals, we still meet every week even when there's no blogs, but it is rarely me that  is the culprit. Last night it was and everyone else was the model of virtue. Made the evening feel a little wild to me, there was even a bit of light scatting. We are getting ready for the 12th March when we will be back at The Bakers Arms in Winchester, postcode SO23 9JX, a great pub where the audience are always welcoming and in fact the venue that rounded off last year for us I believe. Do come along if you are in the area, or indeed drive to the area anyway and come along!! Always a good night.

Following that we have a couple of folk gigs, one of which is completely acoustic which is always a little nerve wracking. Exposing without all the accoutrements of electronicary. Lovely listening audiences are to had at Folk gigs though, really attentive and respectful, looking forward to that. We have been dusting off the likes of 'Cliff Hill' and our arrangement of 'Black is the Colour'. Lovely songs to sing for me.

The Bluesman's jams are still happening at regular monthly intervals at the Auckland Arms in Southsea, postcode PO5 3NB, the next one being on the 6th March, be there about 1230 to be sure to get to play because it is increasingly popular and there isn't enough time for everyone sometimes sadly. Always a great event, I missed the January one as I was writing madly, but Feb's one was mobbed and am looking forward to this one too.  See you there if you make it, come to play or watch, either way you will be welcome!! xxx

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