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Monday 21st March 2016 16:06:00

In search of Kate O'Riordan Views: 1771


Hi All, Hoping you and yours are fine and dandy! We have been having some fun in WB land.

We did an acoustic gig at the Brunny Folk club with me in full virus mode. I was a delight, dripping and sneezy in the most attractive way. I was worried the voice would not play the game but, it was fine. Singing at volume does wonders for the sinuses it appears, all clear at the end and all that was left to do was snooze until Andy dropped me back home to sleep the rest of the virus off. Cool Prior to that, The Bakers Arms gig was a blast, the audience were as well oiled as it is possible to be with much falling over and wild dancing all over the joint! It must be said though, that despite the levels of lubrication, the audience were well behaved. Even those who insisted on using my mic in the break to insult one another Tongue out. Whilst there we met a lovely lady by the name of Kate O'Riordan. She told us tales of being a session musician and playing keyboard for Steve Hillage and the Here and Now band, for whom she plays now. She rang of truth unlike some we have come across claiming to be members of Fleetwood Mac and the like....... Look me up she says and I intended to as we also have the connection of an interest mental health to discuss. So I did, and then Andy did and we can't find hide nor hair of her on the interweb thing. So, this blog is a plea to all out there, do you know her and if so please can you point us in her direction, or indeed, her in ours? Most frustrating it is!

Comment By :Sandy
Monday 21st March 2016 19:42:30
Thanks Dan, found her too, this one is keys though rather than bass. Wondering, might contact her anyway just to see. xx
Comment By :Dan Ogus
Monday 21st March 2016 17:59:24
Thought the name was familiar. The warmest my research gets is Cait O'Riordan, ex-Pogues bassist and ex-wife of Elvis Costello. An interview with her around 2008 suggests she was taking a psychology degree and helping out in community projects. For some reason, I'm faceache friends with Steve Hillage, but nobody of that name on his friend list. Have looked up Here

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Wednesday 2nd March 2016 07:48:00
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