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Wednesday 20th June 2012 19:04:00
Sunday 3rd June 2012 19:06:00

Busy weekend of studio and gigging in Poole Views: 2572


Andy and I were in the studio  with the marvellous Geoff on Friday evening, recording the lead guitar parts and vocals for more of the songs. We have 7 now pretty much fully recorded and one nearly done. Another 6 to do and that'll be the lot for this album. Is a long slow process but our performance at gigs is clearly improved, we are so much tighter than before. Most of the material for the second album is done too so who knows how long it'll be before that one starts getting laid down?

Sat night saw us back at the lovely Portsmouth Hoy in Poole  We do this one as a duo gig and I managed to do a very poor impression of a bass player this time. There were less static people this time possibly due to Jubillee fever, but lots coming and going. Some definately came in as a result of hearing us through the windows and we had some lovely comments from the audience at the end of the gig. We did the Ewan Maccoll song 'Space Girl' for the first time and that went well considering we'd only played it together twice before! There was a lovely old lady at the table right in front of us who was bopping away in her seat, it's so great when people dance even if they don't stand up to do it! Laughing 

Comment By :Andy
Wednesday 13th June 2012 21:35:17
Thanks Pete glad you enjoyed the gig.!
Comment By :Pete
Tuesday 12th June 2012 10:36:09
Saw Andy play at Dixieland, Verteuil on Friday. Our whole party blown away by his guitar playing. Never seen anything like it live. Fantastic!!

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