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Monday 23rd March 2020 11:39:00

SketchBlock - New Path Management Features

Given an enforced break from music due to self isolating I've been working on some long term planned features for sketchblock's path management.

The main layers window now has two tabs one with the existing layers list and associated controls, and a second that now add a similar paths lists and analogous controls for sorting that list, copying paths, appending paths, adding and removing etc.

The path list uses the same layout as the layers list for consistancy of GUI. You will be able to edit the path name, add paths removes paths, copy the current active path and append the current path the next lower in the list.

Some additional arexx commands have been added to allow the path related scripts to disable this section of GUI whilst working, to prevent the unexpected reordering or removal of the scripts being edited!

The video shows creating three paths, using the 'keep path' option of the create text tool, performing simple edits, merging the paths together and rendering them. Currently the layers created by the text tool need to be removed, if not required, before release a "path only" option will be added.

Further features planned for the 3.4 update will include a shear tool along with various bug fixes and tightening up of error handling in many of the support scripts.

Sketchblock Pro 3.4 will be free to existing users of SketchBlock Professional Edition or can be bought via the amistore for £15.00 for new users and £10 update for existing owners of SketchBlock Lite ( 2.x series).

Comment By :Robert Harrison
Saturday 25th April 2020 16:57:53
I bought SketchBlock directly from you instead of the Amiga Store, how can I update to the latest 3.x version?
Comment By :Tom
Wednesday 6th January 2021 21:10:15
Hi with the new Amiga update for usb can we expect newer drivers for Wacom tablets thanks

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