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Sunday 14th June 2020 09:54:00

Every Penny Of The Deal - Video Lesson and Tab

One of my more successful songs is the bright up tempo swinging number, with a distinctive bass line, "Every Penny Of The Deal", the title track of my 2015 solo album.

The song was originally started around 2000 or so and had slow blues feel if I recall, but it didn't really work and was set aside for some years. In 2008 whilst writing some other material I came across it in my lyric book and reformed it in it's current style adding the final verse. The original version was inspired by a romantic relationship with a false start but the later version is actually about burgeoning musical relationship, songs often change their meanings over time...

I was recently asked for the chords by a good friend and so I went to town tabbing out the main rhythm part in probably slightly excessive detail! Click on the image below for a downloadable PDF if you would like to try it.

Before you get into the tab have a watch of this video on how to play it, it will probably make a lot more sense, I include a short section of "cheats" that simplify some of the stretches but keep that all important bass line going.

Here is the tab:

Have fun with that and stay safe.

Comment By :Jem Wilton
Friday 16th September 2022 15:36:19
sounds great on your cd... it was bought for me... gonna try this one mate... your guitarwork is v. kool,,,

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