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Monday 2nd March 2020 22:34:00

X-Vive U2 Wireless System

Back in April of 2017 I replaced my ageing Skytronic wireless unit with an "X-Vive U2 Guitar Wireless System". I was, and still am, very pleased with the system and made a review off it on my youtube channel.

X-Vive U2 is box

The system packs away into a small box that neatly fits inside the 2U rack mount case I use for my Line6 and is comprised of a a pair of jack plug "dongles", the transmitter plugs into the guitar and the similar receiver plugs into the amp. Nice and compact with no bulky receiver unit or long aerials. To help with telling the receiver and transmitter apart there are coloured QA dots, blue for receiver, green for transmitter, this maybe more a useful side effect of the QA system a the manufacturers than a designed feature, but it works!

I've been using the system pretty much continuously since I bought it and it has given me consistent results, whilst I recharge it (via the twin ended USB charging cable) in between gigs I can easily get two gigs out if it should I forget.

I'm not sure if the range may have reduced a little since I first had it, it's fine for on stage work, but I some times have to be careful how far I stray when doing a walk about with it.

X-Vive U2 plugged into amp X-Vive U2 plugged into Epiphone Riviera Ant

One of the important things for myself, is that it works very well with the high impedance pickup on my acoustic guitar, which can be quite fussy at times. With the previous system the signal would lose all the bass and had a strange 'sucking' effect as the high signal level overloaded the transmitter, no such problems with the X-Vive U2, I get strong solid bass with a clear treble, best acoustic sound I've had to be honest!

I bought mine via Barry at Street Level Music, he still has them in stock, apparently they now come in black!

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