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Here's a some of the things people have been saying about us.

  • CD Review By Paul Stiles

    Blues In Britain
    Wednesday 1st May 2013

    A great review from Paul Stiles from UK Blues Today, featured in Blues In Britain Magazine.Paul nominated the song "Play Me Some Blues" for the K.T Award for Original Blues Song from 2012.

    Walker Broad
    A Walk Abroad

    This is the first album from duo Andy Broad and Sandy Walker and based on the pun of their names theyve called it A Walk Abroad.

    They got together in early 2010 and have been wowing audiences up and down the country ever since.

    There are sixteen titles all self-penned with Sandy writing the lyrics and Andy creating the music. The album starts off with a bit of a smooth jazz feel to it, whereas on If Can Do the extensive experience of Andys Blues world comes to the fore likewise on Play Me Some Blues where Sandys vocals are double tracked to great effect. The Latin beat is featured in Sally Latino giving the whole album a wide and varied feel.

    The cover states that the personnel are Sandy Walker, vocals and piano, Andy Broad, acoustic and electric guitars with a rhythm section of Simon Tufnail on bass and Alan Blackmore, cajon and various peculiar percussion. So you can youre in for an interesting overall sound.

    Do It Alone has a prog. rock / folky feel and Jazz n Blues Dinner does just what it says. My favourite tracks are probably Play Me Some Blues and Pointless which has Sandy playing organ and sounding a little like Steeleye Span. This album is for you if you like gentle blues with jazz and Latin beats mixed in, accompanied with a little folk tinge and interesting songs.

    Paul Stiles

  • CD Launch Review

    Extended Play Magazine
    Friday 21st June 2013

    Walker Broad

    "A Walk Abroad" Album Launch

    The Cellars at Eastney, Wednesday 21st November 2012

    On an averagely cold November evening, I made my way to The Cellars at Eastney (that fine emporium of musical wonderment, in which I have seen some very fine, and indeed, world renowned musicians, over the last ten or fifteen years).

    I was heading there to see Walker Broad perform at the launch of their new (and I believe) first album, †A Walk Abroad” (did you see what they did there ?). Now I cannot claim to have spent my hard earned cash in a deliberate move to purchase my ticket for it was won in a raffle at The Bullfrog Blues Club, some 2 weeks earlier. I did, however, expect to witness some fine playing from the highly accomplished and well known Andy Broad. I was not to be disappointed, although I was not expecting to witness such a wide (yet subtle) spread of musical styles and genres. I say this, yet all slotted neatly into a package that embraced the Blues (of various styles), for which the aforementioned Mr. Broad is, perhaps, best known), Jazz, Folk, a little Latin, Bluegrass and verging, here and there, on Reggae, Gypsy style picking and even (dare I say it) a little vintage pop.

    As is obvious, I am well aware of (and acquainted with) Andy, but the other members of the troupe, I had no previous knowledge or experience of. Simon Tufnail held the rhythm down with some beautifully played fretless bass guitar (whilst getting †quite a groove on” here and there), assisted more than ably by Alan †Blackie” Blackmore on cajon and assorted minor percussion, whilst the vocals were handled, just as ably, by Sandy Walker, along with occasionally displayed keyboard skills.

    The first two numbers were of a very folky flavour, the opener "Cliff Hill" with just a hint of the Indian about it, and the next " If Can Do " very much a straight, English traditional folk style, and the first track on the album. Sandy Walker's voice was clear and bright over the well balanced mix of the music -" reminiscent (I thought) of my very early experiences of electric folk with Steeleye Span, causing me to immediately, mentally liken the timbre and style to Maddy Prior. This was not to be an overriding observation, however, as Sandy can turn that bell-clear voice to a filthy rock-edged blues beast, as she was to prove in later songs. The band moved on, through "Baby Boy Blues" (which was dedicated to Sandy's sons), a blues/ragtime number with a very nice 'canter' about it, into "Pointless" a nicely 'edgy' folk-rock piece.

    And so the evening rolled on, through "He May Be Your Dog" (Vaudeville blues), "Pissing in the Dark" - a latin influenced number with more than a hint of amusement and an entertaining introduction of how it came to be. Then "Day for Crows" , a song with a hint of retro-pop and sixties jazz about it (described on the set list as BEATNIK, which amused my tiny mind), which was followed by a slightly obtuse jump to an eighties pop influenced song, "Do it Alone". On they went, "Rat Race Lament" (kinda jazzy man !), "Bedlam" more latin influence, "In Your Eyes", which I found harder to identify genre-wise (reinforced by the later obtained set list description of DUNNO), more blues with a jazz fusion element with "Centrepiece", more jazz influence with "No Words". All the time with effortless playing and a quirky, slightly naive and certainly endearing engagement of the audience between numbers, by Sandy.

    I may miss a trick, here and there, as I was not familiar with their material and this (my first attempt at a review piece) is coming together some little time after the event, with the aid of the set list which may have slipped, as they often do, and with a casual listening to the album, acquired on the night.

    With this in mind (and to the best of my knowledge) on they sauntered, with some very nice Bluegrass in the form of "Outside Looking In" followed by the Latin influenced "Sally Latino", which gave me just a hint of Kirsty Maccoll, in both vocal structure and overall composition, backed up by a quirky and clever combination of Reggae and Gypsy Jazz in "Small Steps". The set closed with "Jazz and Blues Dinner" (coincidentally also the closing number on the disc).

    So as a closer, and with the benefit of a second listen to some of the numbers, via my shiny new CD (thanks Andy), overall impressions were (and are) of some very adept and tasteful playing from all concerned, coupled with a well pitched and clear vocal performance, all coupled with songwriting that never seems stale and has (as I previously suggested) excellent musical structures and also, lyrically, a humour, cleverness and perhaps, lovable naivety akin to the likes of the late Kirsty Maccoll. Sandy (again this is mainly assumption on my part, as I didn't get as much time to discuss the finer points with Andy, that I would have liked) as a lyricist is not afraid to slot in the odd 'naughty' word, but always for the required humorous effect of a certain passage, and never to the point of obscenity.

    All-in-all, a thoroughly entertaining evening of well written, well performed and broad-styled (see what I did there - everyone gets a turn . . .) songs. A superbly engaged audience, in the main (there are always those who will chat, and I was no innocent - seeing a lot of people for the first time in aeons).

    Thank you Walker Broad, for a superb evening in what is (probably) the finest small venue in the city.

    Lastly, my apologies go out to the evening's support act, Ade Cull who, despite being someone I have known a very long time and have not seen perform in some considerable years, I managed to miss while Messrs Gooding and Roux brutally forced me to partake of a rather nice Plum Porter, around the corner. And, thank you to EXTENDED PLAY MAGAZINE for giving me the chance to mangle my head thinking about writing this. I hope it was worth it - when's my next job ?

    The Phantom Hairball

  • Review of A Walk Abroad by Brian Harman
    Friday 22nd February 2013

    Screenshot of review (thumbnail)_ Thanks to Brian Harman for this really nice review of Walker Broad's CD, "A Walk Abroad", writing for


    Click to thumbnail to the left to read the full review...
  • A blend of Carthy and Coltrane

    Lymington Folk Club Website
    Thursday 4th April 2013

    "A blend of Martin Carthy and John Coltrane" - Tony Parry (MC)

    "After the interval and raffle Walker-Broad took to the stage. This is a 4 piece band comprised of Andy Broad (guitar), Sandy Walker (vocals), Alan Blackmore on percussion and Simon Tuffnail on double bass. They played a brilliant 30 minute set that was part folk/jazz/funk/etc blending perfectly with Sandy's voice.They were a wonderful contrast to the hothouse music of Al Scorch. Thank you, guys!" - Tony Parry (Review of concert)


  • Radio Play

    Various Radio Stations
    Tuesday 11th December 2012

    We're getting a steady stream of radio play, here's a non exhaustive list of the highlights over the last couple of years.


    • Wednesday March 26th 2014 - Swindon 105.5 - Swindon Live & Local with Sean & Dave - "Sally Latino" from "A Walk Abroad"
    • Wednesday September 18th 2013 - Gateway 97.8 - Ashwyn Smyth's Digital Blues - "Pointless" from "A Walk Abroad"
    • Sunday March 10th 2013 - Express FM - Scattering the Roots - listen to the podcast - "That Long Day" from "A walk Abroad"
    • Friday March 8th - Colin Etches - Friday Blues Session - Trent Sound Live performance a slection of 9 nine songs.
    • Sunday 3rd February - Scattering The Roots - ExpressFM listen to the podcast - "Ratrace Lament" - "A Walk Abroad"
    • Wednesday 30th January 2013 - Wednesday's Even Worse - Phonic FM listen to the podcast - "Play Me Some Blues" from "A Walk Abroad"
    • Friday 11th January 2013 - Matin Clarke's The Blues Session on Radio Wey.
      Live session in the studio plus "Small Steps" & "Jazz 'n' Blues Dinner" from the CD.
    • Wednesday 2nd Janauary 2013 - Ashwyn Smyths Digital Blues Show - "Play Me Some Blues" from "A Walk Abroad"
    • Saturday 25th December 2012 - Shep Woolley's Christmas Show ExpressFM - INterview with sandy and played "Pointless" from "A walk Abroad"
    • Sunday 28th November 2012 - Fossy On Flash - Flash1512 - featured 2 Tracks from "A Walk Abroad"
    • Sunday 21st November 2012 - Dan Ogus Scattering the Roots - ExpressFM - Two tracks from "A Walk Abroad"
    • Sunady 18th November 2012 - Paul Stiles UKBlues Today - Radio Seagul - "Bordering On Bedlam" from "A Walk Abroad"
    • Sunday 11th November 2012 - Fossy On Flash - Flash1512 - featured 4 Tracks from "A Walk Abroad" including 'Pissing In The Dark' and 'Pointless'
    • December 25th 2011 - Shep Wooley's Christmas Special 'Scattering The Roots' - ExpressFM - Live performance plus interview with co-presenter Dan Ogus
    • October 9th 2011 - Shep Wolley's 'Scattering The Roots' - ExpressFM - Live performance to promote the World Mental Health week.
    • 29th July 2011 - Steve Sheppards show on One World Radio- Live Performance and Interview
    • Sunday 15th May 2011 - Dan Ogus Scattering the Roots - "Until the Real Thing Comes Along"
    • December 26th 2010 - Shep Woolley's Christmas Special - ExpressFM - Live Performance
  • CD Launch

    FaceBook & Others
    Wednesday 21st November 2012

    We had some great feedback from the CD launch night on November 21st here's a selection....

    • "Excellent show, exceptionally executed. Just hope I can piece together a review that does it justice. Brilliant ..." - Alan Dominey (reviewer for EP magazine)
    • "Great gig Andy, thoroughly enjoyed it ..." - Chris Fossy Fosbrook (DJ on Angel FM and Flash1512)
    • "It was a great evening! Thanks." - Patsy Davis (author).
    • 'What a night! Sandy Walker and Andy Broad were mesmerising!' - Lee Furber aka Poridge.
    • "A great night with superb music...good job guys!!" - John Jeffs
  • Standing Room Only At The Florence

    Maggie Sawkins, Tongues and Grooves facebook page
    Monday 30th May 2011

    "It was standing room only last night at The Florence. Wonderful reading from Bloodaxe poet, Robyn Bolam, and great music from Walker Broad" 

  • A Real Highlight

    Dan Ogus, Event Organiser
    Sunday 13th March 2011

    We had a lovely time at Not Necessarily Acoustic on the 8th March - Walker Broad were excellent, Sandy Walker's superb rendition of the traditional Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood was a real highlight (the folk police were notable by their absence), and Andy Broad played great jazz/blues guitar on some of their original compositions.

  • Sweet Music

    Dan Ogus, Live Lounge organiser, RMA on Facebook
    Wednesday 15th June 2011

    "very much enjoyed the sweet sweet music played by Ade Cull and Walker Broad at the Tuesday Lounge this evening..."

  • Wonderful Evening

    Lindsay-Jane Goldring, Goldem Lion Facebook Page
    Wednesday 23rd May 2012

    "Wonderful evening Walker Broad great 10/10"

  • Relaxed Evening

    Feedback via email...
    Sunday 19th August 2012

    "Caught the gig yesterday at the Portsmouth Hoy on Poole Quay. The music was great and we really had a good, relaxed evening, thanks very much. Can you put me on your mailing list please. I'll try to catch another gig if your down this way again. Cheers Steve"

  • Tasty Blues

    Blues Music Is Truth Station - IACMusic
    Saturday 25th September 2010

    "grabbing edgy tasty blues with a sweetness splashed in the vox"

  • Superb Musicianship...

    Feedback from Give Gain & Grow Charity Event
    Wednesday 10th October 2012

    Just to say on behalf of the Give, Gain and Grow Volunteers, please pass on a big thankyou to all your band members for contributing to a very enjoyable evening!

    We have not organised anything like this previously, so your help in making it such a success was much appreciated.

    The band and the musicianship was superb and we very much look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Best wishes,

    (Supporter - Give, Gain and Grow Volunteers)

  • Something A Bit Special

    Shep Woolley - Radio Presenter, Promoter and Performer
    Sunday 10th March 2013
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